Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bizarro-World MAUS Action Figure?

When I saw this toy in a Target store recently, I thought that I had fallen into a strange, parallel universe, one in which Art Spiegelman had not only licensed action figures based on his Pulitzer Prize-winning MAUS but also approved Mecha-like re-interpretations of the graphic novel's characters. Here we see what appears to be the Mecha-Vladek Spiegelman figure; unfortunately, the packaging did not indicate if this Vladek comes equipped with jacket-tossing or bits-of-wire-collecting action...

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Comics Action-Fingers

Thanks to pal Mike Rhode, I am the proud owner of these exquisite Spider-Man and Batman finger puppets. Note the fine quality of the knitting, which really highlights the faithfulness to detail on these unlicensed Ecuadorian exports. Thanks, Mike!

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