Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fill Your Shelves with Top Shelf Comics

Oh, you lucky, lucky people... Top Shelf Productions is holding a special sale from now until October 25: discounts (sometimes huge) on tons-o-books! You've got to spend a $30 minimum to take advantage of these prices, but if you haven't looked at Top Shelf's offerings in a while, you should be able to reach that limit easily. Not sure where to start? Try these: Snakes & Ladders (music CD), Same Difference & Other Stories, Hey, Mister: After School Special, The 'K' Chronicles: What a Long, Strange Strip It's Been, and Jennifer Daydreamer: Anna & Eva. Tell 'em Gene K sent you!

Pictured: Alan Moore's novel Voice of the Fire, another must-have. Pay $5 instead of $26.95 like we did (whimper).

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