Monday, February 29, 2016

March 2: My Will Eisner Week Lecture at Northwestern University Library

Will Eisner Week, celebrated the week of March 6 each year, promotes graphic novels, literacy, free speech awareness, and the legacy of legendary cartoonist Will Eisner. I'm happy to be participating this year by giving a talk at Northwestern University Library on Wednesday, March 2, at 5:00pm:
Will Eisner: Pioneering Cartoonist, Visionary Educator 
Widely regarded as the "Father of the Graphic Novel," cartoonist Will Eisner spent his entire career chasing the Next Big Idea - and usually finding it. With a body of work encompassing some of the earliest American comic books, The Spirit Sunday newspaper supplements, U.S. Army preventative maintenance manuals, one of the very first graphic novels, and a small library of books on comics theory and practice, Eisner influenced several generations of artists and educators. 
Comics historian Gene Kannenberg, Jr. will present an illustrated look at Eisner's work and legacy: The development of comic art into both a literary form and a tool for education.
We also have a small Eisner-centric display in our New Book Nook, including both books to check out as well as rarer items from my own personal collection.

The display wall in the New Book Nook

The Spirit
More works by Eisner

Books about Eisner and his role in American comics

See the Northwestern Events Calendar or the Facebook Event listings for more information. I'm proud that my employer is supporting Will Eisner Week this year, and I hope to see you there!

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