Thursday, October 19, 2006

October Entries

Here are the book-entries we've added or revised recently. One new resource that we've begun adding to some of these new entries is a link to "Find in a Library with WorldCat." With these links you can find out if any libraries near you have a book in their collections. We'll be adding more of these links during future updates. And now, on with the titles:
Bukatman, Scott. Matters of Gravity: Special Effects and Supermen in the 20th Century. Durham: Duke University Press, 2003.

Frahm, Ole. Genealogie des Holocaust. Art Spiegelmans MAUS - A Survivor's Tale. München: Fink, 2006.

Gadducci, Fabio. Notes on the Early Decades of Italian Comic Art. Felici Editore, 2006.

Garrett, Greg. Holy Superheroes: Exploring Faith and Spirituality in Comic Books. Navpress Publishing Group, 2005.

Goldwater, John L. Americana in Four Colors: Twenty Years of Self Regulation by the Comics Magzine Industry. New York: Comics Magazine Association of America, 1974.

Groensteen, Thierry. The System of Comics. Trans. Bart Beaty and Nick Nguyen. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2007.

Groensteen, Thierry. Système de la Bande Dessinée. Formes Sémiotiques. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1999.

Lagerstedt, Ilpo. Masi: Kentällä ja kasarmilla. Recallmed, 2005.

Lagerstedt, Ilpo. Minä Tex Willer. Jalava, 2001.

Lagerstedt, Ilpo. Supersankarit. Ilmiö amerikkalaisessa sarjakuvassa. Helsinki: Kirjastopalvelu, 1991.

Masters of American Comics. Ed. John Carlin, Paul Karasik, and Brian Walker. Yale University Press, 2005.

McCarthy, Tom. Tintin and the Secret of Literature. Granta, 2006

Szenarien des Comic: Helden und Historien im Medium der Schriftbildlichkeit. Herausgegeben von Stefanie Diekmann und Matthias Schneider. SuKuLTuR, 2006.

That's Fumetti: Italian Comics at the San Diego International Comic Con. Milano: Epierre, 1998.

Walker, Mort. The Lexicon of Comicana. Port Chester, N.Y.: Museum of Cartoon Art, c1980. rpt:, 2000.
And remember, if you wish to suggest a title or resource for us to add, just contact us.



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