Saturday, June 12, 2010

Studies in Comics and Cartoon Series from OSU

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The Ohio State University Press proudly announces
the Studies in Comics and Cartoon Series

The Ohio State University Press is adding a new series to its literature and literary studies publications. Studies in Comics and Cartoons will be edited by Lucy Shelton Caswell and Jared Gardner. Comics studies is the epitome of a growing scholarly pursuit that is continually gaining both public and critical attention. Complicating the long-standing assumption that a fusion of image and text is not a serious work of either literature or art, academic institutions are giving comics and cartoons more attention than ever before. Despite a number of important individual books published by university presses in the field, this burgeoning area of study does not yet have its own series at any press. Ohio State University Press, with its affiliation to Ohio State's Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum and focus on literary studies, is well-suited to publish such a series.

Lucy Shelton Caswell is the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum's founding Curator. Jared Gardner is Associate Professor in the Department of English.

Books published in Studies in Comics and Cartoons will focus exclusively on comics and graphic literature, highlighting their relation to literary studies. It will include monographs and edited collections that cover the history of comics and cartoons from the editorial cartoon and early sequential comics of the nineteenth century through webcomics of the twenty-first. Studies that focus on international comics will also be considered.

Inquiries should be directed to Sandy Crooms <> at The Ohio State University Press.

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