Monday, September 26, 2005

Mystery Date

mysteryDue to a chance combination of e-mail utterances by pal Craig Yoe (author, most recently, of the much-more-than-mildly magnificent Modern Arf - go buy it, already!), I felt compelled to peform a Google Image Search for a naked Alfred E. Neuman. I plugged in "what me worry" and "naked," and only one image (safe for work!) came up. I confess that I [a] have no idea why this happens, and [b] would rather not know. The mystery is that much greater...

(For those of you wondering what this post has to do with comics, this blog's usual subject: Well, let's just say that it concerns a significant juxtaposition of image and text, all right?)

Update - 3 October: All right, who told the Feds about this? That search no longer yields any results. (Pagus is mightily displeased.) For those of you who missed your chance, click here; the headshot on that very page was our Google Mystery Image.



Blogger Gene Kannenberg, Jr. said...

Yup, OK as OK can be; at least OK enough to spend time on strange web searches instead of bailing the house (which we never had to do, thankfullly...)

9/26/2005 3:57 PM  

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