Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita Update: Everyone Knows it's Windy...

...or at least it will be, soon enough, as Hurricane Rita rumbles ever-closer. We're going to weather the storm (har har) here at home, in Casa Wombato, located in one of the highest-elevated sections of Houston. (I think it's a matter of being only a foot or so higher than the rest of the city, but that's something...)

I'll try to post an update or two here (as will Kate) later on Friday and on Saturday, to let folks know how we're faring.

Oh, wait - I almost forgot some obligatory comics content.

Whew! I feel much better now!

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Blogger Crispinus said...

What Brad said...

9/23/2005 8:33 AM  
Blogger Gene Kannenberg, Jr. said...

Thanks to you both, fellers! Keep thinking those good thoughts - much appreciated.

(And we wonder why people don't come to visit more often...)

9/23/2005 9:29 AM  

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