Monday, April 18, 2011

CFP: Audiences and Readership (May 1; Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics)

Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics
Special Issue Call for Papers
Audiences and Readership
Final Deadline: 1 May

At the Graphic Novels and Comics Conference 2010, a major issue identified by the plenary panel as crucial for future directions regarding comics research was that of audiences and readership. Martin Barker, who pioneered and championed comics research when it was unfashionable, reinforced this issue when reviewing the conference in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics noting, ‘it is striking to me…that no-one is currently following through to ask any of the questions we can and should, about readers, collectors, reviewers, circuits of reception, or even the longer-term shifting public status of comics.’ Whilst there has been some excellent work researching comics audiences and readership, this is currently, as Martin suggests, a largely neglected area. In summarising work in this area, Barker’s works on ideology (1989) readers (1993, 1997) and censorship (1984) examine the ways audiences consume such texts. Gibson’s work on female comics readers (2003a&b) demonstrates the ways comics influence identity construction and the transgressive reading practices of some female fans. She has also written on historical children’s comic collecting in Britain (2008) and tentatively begun work on British manga audiences (2007). In addition, Wright’s work on the development of the comics industry and distribution practices shows how audiences are influenced by but also influence comics creation and production (2001). However, as Martin suggested there is scope for many more sustained explorations of comics audiences and readership.

This issue aims to open up debates in comics audiences and readership. Accordingly we are looking for papers about (but not confined to) the following areas surrounding audiences and readership:

• Fandom, niche markets and subcultures
• Censorship
• Globalization, localities
• Readership.
Read the full call for papers for more information:

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