Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Favorites: A Benefit Zine for Team Cul de Sac" Now Available for Mail-Order!

Here's the low-down on FAVORITES, a new review 'zine from Team Cul de Sac and editor Craig Fischer. I'm honored to have been invited to contribute an essay to it:

FAVORITES [is] a home-grown zine where notable comics critics, artists and bloggers write their individual answers to a single question: “What is my favorite comic, and why?”
The contributors are an all-star line-up: Derik Badman, Noah Berlatsky, Alex Boney, David Bordwell, Matthew J. Brady, Scott Bukatman, Johanna Draper Carlson, Isaac Cates, Rob Clough, Corey Creekmur, Andrew Farago, Shaenon Garrity, Dustin Harbin, Charles Hatfield, Jeet Heer, Gene Kannenberg Jr., Abhay Khosla, Susan Kirtley, Sean Kleefeld, Costa Koutsoutis, Andrew Mansell, Robert Stanley Martin, Chris Mautner, Joe McCulloch, Ana Merino, Mike Rhode, Jim Rugg, Frank Santoro, Chris Schweizer, Caroline Small, Tom Spurgeon, Ben Towle and Matthias Wivel.
FAVORITES is 40 pages long[.] The cost is $5.00 plus $1.25 shipping and handling. (All the money that isn’t spent on envelopes and postage will go to Team Cul de Sac, and research into a cure for Parkinson’s disease.) Thank you for your support!
I've got my copy, and it's a beauty. There's a real range of comics represented, from proper graphic novels to obscure single-issue mainstream comic books. (My contribution concerns the great LEVIATHAN by Peter Blegvad.) Order your copy of FAVORITES here, learn about some great comics, and help support research into a cure for Parkinson's disease.

Image Credit: Cover illustration for FAVORITES, by Cul de Sac's own Richard Thompson.

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