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CFP: Scotland and the Birth of Comics / International Bande Dessinée Society (Dec. 31; June 24-28)

International Comics Conference /
International Bande Dessinée Society
2013 Conference

Glasgow and Dundee

Monday 24th - Friday 28th June 2013


Scotland and the Birth of Comics
Call for Papers
Comics have a long tradition in Scotland. Many argue that the Northern Looking Glass (1826) is the world’s first modern comic, and DC Thomson’s The Dandy (1937 - present) is the world’s longest running comic. The place of comics in Scotland will be celebrated by an exhibition in the Hunterian in 2016 showcasing the Glasgow- based Northern Looking Glass, as well as comics from DC Thomson in Dundee. In anticipation of this the International Graphic Novels and Bande Dessinée Society conference in 2013 has adopted the guiding theme Scotland and the Birth of Comics. However, the conference, like the exhibition, will focus on broader questions relating to text/image history and the cultural status of comics, their contemporary creation in Scotland and beyond, in national traditions, especially European ones, but also in wider world traditions, and, for IBDS, specifically French-language ones. The conference organisers also invite papers on comics and identity, cross-border influences, and comics outwith the printed page.

With this broad framework in mind the organising committee for the joint International Comics Conference and International Bande Dessinée Society (IBDS) conference welcome abstracts on all areas of scholarship relating to comics, the graphic novel, and bande dessinée. The conference will be mainly based in Glasgow although one day will be held in Dundee.

Abstracts of 100 words in advance of a 20-minute paper, as well as questions and expressions of interest, should be sent to: 


31st December 2012 

Laurence Grove
Reader in French
Director, Stirling Maxwell Centre
University of Glasgow
00 44 141 / 0141 330 6350
00 44 141 / 0141 330 4583

Stirling Maxwell Centre for the Study of Text/Image Cultures:
International Bande Dessinée Society: www.arts.gla.ac.uk/ibds
European Comic Art: http://journals.berghahnbooks.com/eca/
Les Amis de Tristan L'Hermite: http://lesamisdetristan.org

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Blogger Robert Beerbohm said...

Hi Gene, Just saw this CFP re Looking Glass being bandied about as "first" comic book. This is wrong. I have seen Looking Glass, as in almost every issue. While there are a few northern Scotland issues (not London ones) which have a six panel comic strip buried inside, LG is very much not a comic book by any professional standards applied. there are even comic strips on broadsides in English which date to the mid 1600s, earlier in mainland Euro languages even. The printed "comic book" accolades still reside with R Topffer out of Geneva. Nationalistic wishful thinking does not make it so, sad to say -:)

11/20/2012 9:01 PM  
Blogger Gene Kannenberg, Jr. said...

Thanks for the comment, Bob. As you know, I didn't write this, I just passed it along... :-)

11/20/2012 9:24 PM  

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