Wednesday, October 03, 2012

CFP: Caricature: A Lost Origin of Animation / conference panel (Nov. 1; Apr. 19-21)


This call is for a panel proposal for the Illustration, Comics, and Animation Conference to be held at Dartmouth College, April 19-21 2013.

While most animation historians look for the origins of animation in lanterna magicae, shadow theatre and vaudeville, among others, one major influence seems to be often overlooked : caricature, or "print cartoon."

  • By exploring the conditions of emergence of animation and especially the artistic backgrounds of its pioneers, this panel seeks to discover the roots of animation aesthetics in caricature and comic strips, also known at the turn of the century as "print cartoons."
  • How do contemporary animated films and shorts retain the aesthetic priorities of early print cartoons?
  • Are there particular animated films or shorts that demonstrate this origin in caricature more forcefully than others?
  • What new understandings are forged when we accept print cartoons as a direct ancestor and still very close relative of animation?
  • And how might this cross media approach encourage a more global and/or interdisciplinary study of caricature, the image, visuality, or the cartoon?
  • What qualities specific to animation resist this genealogical approach to the medium rooted in caricature and print cartoon?
  • What, in other words, refuses to cross-over?

Please send 300 word abstracts and a brief bio no later than November 1, 2012 to: St├ęphane Collignon

Inquiries about the conference should be addressed to Michael A. Chaney:

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