Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tales from the Green Scrapbook #5: TV Guide on Spider-Man Special Effects

Being another in our occasional series of scans of items I taped into a green notebook when I was a child...

Journey with me back to 1978. A simpler time than now, when television signals traveled through the airwaves, not cables, but when cables were high-tech special effects gear. Journey, then, to a location shot for The Amazing Spider-Man television show: The Empire State Building, and view the death-defying harness work of Spider-double Fred Waugh. That's right, kids; no green screens or digital compositing. Just a man, a building, and a harness that must have chafed like the dickens. Now that is a special effect.
Source: This time I've got it! TV Guide, September 2, 1978.

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