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CFP: Comics and the American Southwest and Borderland / collection (Jan. 15)

Comics and the American Southwest
and Borderland

The editors of Comics and the American Southwest and Borderlands seek chapter submissions for this collection. We hope the collection accomplishes for the Southwest and Border region what Costello and Whitted’s Comics and the U.S. South achieved for that region and Southern studies via mining, creating, and illuminating the intersections of comics scholarship and academic writing on the Southwestern United States, the U.S-Mexico border, and their literatures, identities, and cultures.

Submissions might consider:
  • The impact of comics creators from the Southwest or Border region.
  • Characters, titles, or storylines set in and/or influenced by the Southwest or Border region (Hulk, Ghost Rider, El Diablo, Blue Beetle, The Rangers, etc).
  • The work of Jaxon/Jack Jackson.
  • General depictions of the Southwest or Borderlands in comics.
  • The New Frontier and the New Southwest.
  • Examinations of how non-American artists have represented the American West (Charlier, Moebius, Blain, etc.)
  • U.S-Mexico relations in comics.
  • Ecocritical elements in comics set in or making use of the space of the Southwest/Borderlands.
  • Immigration; citizenship; nationalism in comics from or about the region.
  • Race, gender, sex and ethnic studies in comics from or about the region.
  • How comics challenge, support, or otherwise interact with notions of the region and its literature as presented by Tom Lynch, Eric Gary Anderson, Gloria Anzaldua, and others.
  • Nationalism; politics; violence in comics from or featuring the region.
  • Liminal spaces/Nepantla; contact zones; politics of the region in comics.
  • Westerns.
  • Comics' treatment of NAFTA, the drug war and/or borderland violence.
  • Adaptations of Southwest, Chicano, Latina, or Mexican literature.
  • Chicana/a or Latina/o studies as frames for analysis of comics.
  • Class and economic issues in comics from or featuring the region.
  • Depictions of Native peoples from the region in comics.
  • Interviews with comics creators on the U.S.-Mexico border.
Submissions may explore comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, web comics, and editorial cartoons or explore subject across media as long as comics are a major focus. Submissions may focus on any genre.

Essays are due to both Dr. James Bucky Carter ( and Dr. Derek Parker Royal ( by March 28, 2014, but the editors request abstracts of no more than 500 words no later than 2 weeks before the deadline, with a preference of seeing abstracts by January 15, 2014.

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