Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Comics Alternative Podcast 63: What We're Thankful for in Comics

Myself and co-host Andy Kunka,
relaxing after a long day at the 2013 Festival of Cartoon Art

It's a first for The Comics Alternative podcast this week: A show with all three of the Two Guys! That's right, I get to join both Derek Royal and - for the first time - the show's other founding co-host, Andy Kunka, for the Thanksgiving episode, in which we discuss what we're thankful for in the world of comics this year.

Andy and I start things off by gushing over the recent 2013 Festival of Cartoon Art at Ohio State University, which featured the grand opening of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. Not only was it a game-changing event for comics scholarship in the United States - not only did it serve to celebrate American comics in a grand fashion - but it also marked the first time I got the meet the man I have been sitting in for on The Comics Alternative! Perhaps at the next Festival in 2016, all three of the Two Guys can meet in person. (Click here to see all of my photos from this year's Festival of Cartoon Art.)

We also discuss publishers we're thankful for (mine included Fantagraphics, First Second, and TOON Books), as well as cartoonists, colleagues and friends (Hey, Robert Berry of Ulysses "Seen"! Hey, Columbia University's librarian for comics and graphic novels, Karen Green! Hey, so many other people I forgot to mention!), and lots more.

As always, click the link above to stream the episode, or you can subscribe via iTunes

PS: Thanks for the kind welcome to the fold, guys!

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