Wednesday, October 09, 2013

My Podcasting Career Begins: The Comics Alternative 56 - The October Previews Catalog

Background: Last week, out of the blue, Derek Royal contacted me about possibly co-hosting  a couple of episodes of The Comics Alternative podcast, which he and Andy Kunka had created and hosted for over a year now. Andy currently was tied up for a while with with other projects, Derek informed me, so would I be interested in co-hosting a show or two? After all, the show's tag-line is "Two guys with PhDs talking about comics!"

How could I say no? I hadn't really known Derek before, apart from his on-line presence and a brief correspondence a few years back, when he reviewed my book 500 Essential Graphic Novels, but the invitation was too kind to pass up. It was also too intriguing - I'd never done a podcast before, though back in college I had been a DJ, so I was used to taking into a mic. Now, however, I would just need to sit in my office and talk to (at) my laptop, and the magic of Skype (and, later, Derek's deft hand at editing) would take care of the rest.

I think it went pretty well, and it looks like "one or two shows" might turn into a few more than that. Click the link at the top of this post for the "Show Notes" page, where you can stream or download the whole two-hour(!) show. You can also subscribe to The Comics Alternative through the iTunes Store via a link there.

My thanks to Derek (and Andy) for the opportunity. Happy listening!

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